Maisome Island

This inhabited island lies in the southwest of Lake Victoria, where it is separated from the slightly larger Rubondo Island by about 10km of open water. The lushly forested western half of Maisome is currently protected within a forest reserve and may at some point be incorporated into Rubondo Island National Park. At present, however, the forest can be explored without paying fees, and it harbours a similar range of birds to the national park, though not the large mammals. Ferries between Mwanza and Nyamirembe stop at Maisome in both directions. However, at the time of writing this service had been suspended. It is also possible to arrange local fishermen to take you from Maisome to Rubondo Island or to Nyamirembe on the mainland. I’m told that basic guesthouses are available on Maisome, and it should be no problem pitching a tent. The staff at the ferry office in Mwanza can be very helpful with information about places where ferries stop.

 (c) Philip Briggs 2009


10 thoughts on “Maisome Island

    • christopher mazabari says:

      Don’t worry also i was born there i like much my island i appliciate much my home place zinza by triabe at kisaba village

      • christopher mazabari says:

        Maisome has just two villages and is single ward under mtanzania mazabari who is the councellor of that ward the two villages are kisaba and kanoni the chairman of the two villages are sikujua abeid makaye and sambaga has just one secondary school which is maisome secondary its large area is covered by trees and much surround with near by island known as lubalagazi chelemeno lubondo and soswa chembaya chemagat nyamango

  1. christopher mazabari says:

    the government should take care for daily economic activities that take place makes some species to disappear like fish known as sato sangala mumi mbozo gogogo dagaa and some trees known as muyenzeyenze muvyule muhumla mlundu.

  2. christopher mazabari says:

    also the island is near by kahunda where the government is in the processing to bring a boat or panton for facitating transportation of goods and passangers from the two opposit sides

  3. christopher mazabari says:

    i like much my zinza tribe as compare with other tribes it is the best i keep on speeking now and day the great philosopher says that the person who does’t know his mother language is likely to be uprooted is some where else have no direction that mean is no an african or westen(european).also the greater mind people discus idear and low mind discus people

  4. christopher mazabari says:

    I would like to inform all the tanzanian on the issue of transport and communication especially the people of maisome island is now dead due to arrival of a current and modern ferry or panton known as (tegemeo)

  5. Dauson nyonyi says:

    Now days Maisome Island you can go with your own car/transport through Kahunda sengerema there are a diary ferry crossing from kahunda to maisome and that ferry called MV.TEGEMEO was inaugurated 27 sepetembar 2014

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