Some great recommendations for budget travellers

Inge writes:

I love your travel guides and use them a lot, especially when visiting Africa.
So in November & December 2014 I used your travelguide “Tanzania Safari Guide”.
I did the backpacking way so I needed the book a lot…

I have a few recommendations for the book. Places and people travelers really have to see and meet!!

I think the below recommendations are really worthy. Not only because they are low budget and perfect for backpackers, but also because it’s a beautifull way to get travellers closer to the locals and vice versa.

Eazy’s Place, Dar Es Salaam
A lowbudget hostel, located around 20km outside off Dar es Salam. They have a booking link by<> and they have a own webside ( The best way to make reservation is by making a call to him.
It’s the perfect way to experience the real local Tanzanian way of life.
Emil (also named Eazy) used to be a tourist guide for a long while. At the same time his biggest hobby was, and still is, beeing a artist.
A few years ago he decided to make his own hostel together with a Batic Workshop. So at this time he is able to combine his two biggest hobbies; make and create batics and enjoy people.
You can sleep, eat, cook, do day trips and create your own handmade Batic Creations by joining his workshop. Everything in real Tanzanian style.
We paid around 20.000 Tsh for 2 persons each night. Food is around 4000 Tsh p.p. each meal.
The Batic Workshop costed me 25.000 Tsh included my 2 meter beautiful Batic wich I created for my newborn niece. The workshop took me 2 days.
When you want to go there, you can phone Emil. He will pick you up from where ever you are (around Dar es Salam) and take you to his hostel. The transport is by bejaji (tuk-tuk) and the guest pays around 20.000 Tsh for a one way drive.

Emil is expending his hostel for the future. For now he has one house for guests and the second house is allready in construction. He wants to get electricity in the future together with Wifi.
It is real back to basic style by showering with a bucket and as toilet a hole in the floor. For everything you do you use rainwater.

Pleace contact Emil!! +255754339851

Remi’s place, Paje
A one-man non-profit organisation. A guy, called Remi, came to Tanzania a few years ago. He was so amazed by de way of living in Paje, Zanzibar so he decided to stay.
He saw the problems around drugs and alcohol in combination with touristic atractions and wanted to do something with this, to safe the honest local people and therewith the aducation problems for the children.
The biggest problem is that a lot of locals at Zanzibar ask a lot of money from tourist for day trips so they can buy drugs and alcohol instead of paying aducation for their children.
Besides that trafic accidents increase by the minute, specially in the busy places at Zanzibar. This because the locals drive drunk or wasted.

The thing Remi diceded to do is to make touristic atractions honest again and make sure the money will go to the locals who will use the money the right way.
If you want to make a day trip, for example a dolfin trip, snorkling or fishing, you call Remi. He will find locals who wants to do this trip for real and without bad intensions.
You pay Remi afterwards and he will pay the locals.
You know for sure he will pay the locals, because he lives between them. He can’t affort to make enemies, otherwise he will be shot out of the village.
Prices for the trips are low and honest. Everday in consultation with the locals.

How long he will stay in Paje, is unknown. Remi is a French guy who likes to travel around and just go where life wants him to go.

You can reach Remi at the following Phone number: +255754339851

Safari Guide, Mikumi National Park
When I was travelin’ my biggest challenge was to travel Tanzania as cheap as possible. The first few days I thought this was impossible.
But after getting the Phone number from a Dutch guy, I knew it was possible to do this cheap!

Evan is a local young guy who’s biggest dream is running a low budget  safari guide in Tanzania. Because he lives in Mikumi, for now he works around Mikumi, but in the future he wants to work all over Tanzania.

Together with is brother, George, he ownes a truck (yearly checked for safety). George is the driver and Evan knows everything about the animals and the park.
Beautiful to see how Evan and George enjoy their work and do it with a lot of love.

The reason they can keep the prices low, is because they don’t ask a lot for their own.
You pay $150,- for the car incl. fuel and $30,- for each guide. Sometimes only one of the two join you, so you only pay $30,- ones.
They took us for a day game drive Mikumi National Park and the day after for a day hiking at Udzungwa Mountains.
Both the same price.
The guys liked it so much that they gave us discount even!
The only way the price will be higher is when the fuel prices go up.
They take you to good places to sleep in price category you ask. When you come from Dar es Salam or different; you drop off at the entrance of Mikumi National Park and they will pick you up there and take you to your hotel. All this for free!

Lovely guys who really love the work the do. They love to laugh, to make jokes and to have a friendly drink after a day trip.
Both legitimized to do this job.

Please contact these good guys and give them a place in your book, so they can make a living out of there dreams!

Evan: +255716671589
George: +255763823940/ +255714496064

Last few short recommendations:
– Neema Crafts in Iringa. Beautiful!!!
– Tatanca Safari and Tours LTD!!! A honest and good Safari office in Iringa. Good for safari’s like Ruaha National Park.


Hondo Hondo Forest Camp, Udzungwa

We’ve opened a new ecolodge called Hondo Hondo just by the Udzungwa Mountains National Park HQ. We are right on the forest edge and offer a comfortable and ecofriendly way to enjoy the magic of the Udzungwas. We have 6 luxury ensuite tented rooms, 5 traditional thatched huts, and a camping area. We also arrange canoeing on the Kilombero river and trekking into the NP.

Please see below the 2011 rates for accommodation and activities:
Accommodation Board Price
Ensuite Tents F/B $100 per person sharing
Thatched Hut Bed only $30 per thatched hut (double) $20 for single
Camping (own tent) Bed only $5 per person
Camping (hired tent) Bed only $15 per person
Activities Price
Mountain bike hire $10 half day, $15 full day (inc helmet)
Ngoma Drumming band $20 per person
Village tour $10 per person
Tent Hire within NP $5 per night (with mattress and bedding)
Cook and cooking equipment (for overnighting in the park) $20 per night
Porters (independent of Hondo Hondo) Tshs 10,000 per night

For further details contact  or visit