Transport around Kigoma and Lake Tanganyika

The trouble with the MV Leimba on Lake Tankanyika is that it runs to its own schedule which nobody knows except the Captain. So if you want to pick it up from Kasanga you have to go there which is a 5/6 hour bus journey from Sumbawanga leaving at miday and arriving at dusk. So where to stay if one discovers that the boat is not running…. there is a nice lodge called Leimba lodge, about 5 kms before Kasanga, run by Mrs McGoo (something like that) and her son Franky at 20,000 Tzshs per night. Then unfortunately if one wants to go to Kigoma there is no alternative but to go back to Sumbawanga (6 hours) and on to Mpanda which is around 7 hours however the Chinese are currently constructing a new road which should be ready in a year or so. Mpanda is a one horse town and the bus to Kigoma only goes twice a week; I arrived Monday afternoon and the next bus was Thursday. There is an internet cafe and 5 churches and the Super City Hotel at 12,000 Tzshs per night.