Rubondo, Bukoba & Minziro Forest

1. You covered Rubondo Island very well and it was as we found it. Great Place. We stayed at the Bandas and loved them. We had a cook provided and he did us proud. All arranged through William Rutta at Kiroyera. Nice people. I would NOT swim having seen some enormous Crocs nearby. One huge bugger actually came at the small boat with evil on his mind forcing us to retreat.

2. Bukoba. We stayed in William’s Beach Bandas. Grass Huts or Mushonge. Very ethnic. Not self contained so be prepared to hike in the night if caught short. A little ‘public’ for my taste but Peter the Pizza’s catering was fine.
The road from Mutukula to Bukoba is smooth tar now. Indeed there is a fast tar road south from Bukoba now all the way to the turn off for the village of Muganza where we caught the TANAPA ‘launch’ for Rubondo. Cars can be left safely by arrangement with local church.
William fixed this too. (Quite a man) No need to fly.
Your sketch map on pge.412 is wrong. The Muganza new road leaves the main Bukoba (improving tar ) where that inlet is shown south of Muleba. I don’t know how far south it goes.
We re-traced our track from Muganza back to that junction and then headed for Biharamulo and then on south 35km to the main Mwanza-Rusomo tar road. I don’t think your link road at Lushanga exists. The tar road to Rusumo is not gained until well south of Biharamulo. Much road works so anything can happen by the time you get this.
Compare with Shell Map of East Africa and even that is crook.
3. You make only passing reference to Minziro forest Reserve. A worthwhile place to visit with lots of interest. We added two species to the TZ list and saw some magical birds.
We ‘lodged’ at the Katekere Comfort Motel in nearby Kyika, 0784742037. Pleasant enough in an Africa way and the only game in town that we could see. 30 mins from the Reserve.
Tip for trans border driving. Coming from Uganda, TZ will charge your local driver $100 for a work visa. Arrange for a TZ to meet you. This may change with the onset of the EAC.
Fred Hodgson