Probably the largest town along the stretch of the B1 covered in this chapter, Korogwe is an important route focus and the favoured lunch stop of most buses travelling between Dar es Salaam and Moshi or Arusha. Otherwise, it is a less than remarkable place, with only an appealing Usambara backdrop to raise it above dusty small-town anonymity. The improvements in public transport in this part of Tanzania over the last few years make it unlikely that any traveller would end up spending a night in Korogwe these days, but those who explore the Usambara area might well find themselves swapping vehicles here at some point.


Getting there and away Any bus heading between Moshi and Tanga or Dar es Salaam will be able to drop you in Korogwe, while the regular minibuses that connect Lushoto to Tanga via Mombo and Muheza generally pick up passengers at the bus station that lies just off the main road.

Most express buses between Dar es Salaam and Arusha or Moshi stop at the Korogwe Transit Hotel for a 20-minute lunch break.


Where to stay

The Korogwe Traveller’s Inn, which lies on the B1 practically opposite the bus station, has adequate en-suite doubles, as well as a bar and restaurant. The newer Korogwe Transit Hotel is marginally smarter, and reasonable value, but it is also rather noisy as most of the buses stop here for meals. There are several cheaper lodgings dotted around town, including the New Savari Guesthouse and Miami Guesthouse, which lie 100m from the bus station and offer clean double rooms with mosquito nets for around US$3. Campers might take note that the alluring-sounding Mountain View Resort, situated 1km from the town centre and prominently signposted from the road towards Dar es Salaam, is basically just a small, scruffy garden with few facilities and less atmosphere.

 (c) Philip Briggs 2009


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