The B1 from Moshi to Tanga

This stretch of road offers access to several rather obscure sites of interest not documented in the 6th edition of Bradt Tanzania:

Lake Jipe

Nyumba Ya Mungu Reservoir

Usangi & North Pare

Tembo Lodge & Campsite



 (c) Philip Briggs 2009


2 thoughts on “The B1 from Moshi to Tanga

  1. Fjordside says:

    Dear Bradt Guide

    I would like to inform you about a tourism organization in Tanga, which might be of interest to many of your readers.

    This is the information of TATONA:

    Tanga Tourism Network Association TATONA
    Bandari /Port Road (opposite Exim bank)
    Tanga, Tanzania
    Tel.: +255 (0) 768 971 166

    The Organization:
    Founded in 2008, the Tanga Tourism network Association (TATONA) takes the lead in efforts to protect and develop the tourism potential of the natural ecosystem, build heritage and culture of the Tanga Region. By creating regional and international linkages to tourism markets in order to boost Tanga´s economic development, TATONA has the mission to develop tourism that is culturally sensitive, socially responsible, ecologically friendly and environmentally sustainable. The association comprises members from Tour Operators and Guides, hoteliers, Restaurants, Transport Companies, Manufacturers of tourism products and other stakeholders.
    Visit our office in Tanga and where we can help you to the following services:
    – A comprehensive guide for Tanga region to be purchased in the office. The Tanga Tourism Guide is available for free download from the following websites:
    – Provide information and advice visitors about accommodation, attractions and tours in Tanga Region.

  2. JVT says:

    Lake Chala – a lovely place and great lodge/campsite, but there is now a new government fee to visit the lake of US$25 per person per day, plus $10 per vehicle. This is in addition to the lodge/camp prices. On their own, the lodge/camp prices are very reasonable, but the new additional fee adds $120 to the cost of a two-night weekend away for 2 people. Lake Chala is nice, but simply not worth this new extra fee. The Usambara mountains further south are just as nice and much better value!

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