Guesthouses in Biharamulo

Samantha writes:

We are currently in Biharamulo where there is a crop of new guesthouses – we are staying at The New Aspen Hotel which is excellent value. Doubles are Tsh30,000 (USD 15) including ensuite bathroom and breakfast which is the same price as what the Old Boma is charging for camping! Their restaurant offers the best goat in town at only just above street food prices. I have to say the street food is very atmospheric and worth a try especially in the evening on weekends when much of the town socialises.


5 thoughts on “Guesthouses in Biharamulo

  1. Nigel says:

    We are traveling from Nairobi to Kigoma and intend to stop off at Mwnaza then Biharumulo, does anyone know how to contact the Boma Guesthouse? Thanks

  2. Datius Kaijage says:

    For any information or bookings at NEW ASPEN HOTEL in Biharamulo please contact the following so as to have a direct service.
    +255753349114 or +255784695651
    You are warmly welcome!

  3. Chris says:

    Stayed in Biharamulo last night (mid Aug 17). Stayed at Annex-Lodge, just up from the bus stand. Very clean modern room. Very friendly welcome. TSH 20,000 for a double with bathroom. Ate at Robert Hotel nearby, was fine.

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