Guides association at Kilwa

A new guides association in Kilwa, called Kilwa Islands Tour, has emailed us the following information:

Welcome to Kilwa, land of history and nature! Our new tour guide association, registered under number BST/5141, 21st January 2014, comprises six well-trained tour guides who can provide guiding services, and/or plan and manage trips in different destinations within and outside Kilwa.

For more than 10 years, these individual guides have been guiding tourists to Kilwa Kisiwani and Songo Mnara islands (inscribed on the Word Heritage List) and they have also received support from UNESCO to strengthen their guiding skills.

In 2014, the association carried out an inventory of all natural and cultural resources within Kilwa district, as part of an European Union project to promote heritage resources. More than 50 new sites have been documented, such as caves, beaches, ruins, fishing harbours, diving and snorkeling sites, ritual activities….and a list of accommodation is now available. As part of the same EU project, the guides were trained on birdwatching.

The accessibility of Kilwa is now easier. The 330 km road only takes 4 hours from Dar es Salaam city centre. The road is now fully tarmacked and regular bus lines connect Dar to Kilwa every day.

We invite you to open the attached documents for additional information. We hope that our rich heritage will draw your interest. If you require additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. You are all warmly welcome to Kilwa, a friendly and peaceful place.

For further details email or contact the individual guides at the numbers below:

Athman Abdalah Limonga | +255 784 808 250
Dulah abdalah Ahmadi | +255 787 034 201
Jamila Buriani Mpoka | +255 787 219 099
Saidi Juma Rashidi | +255 782 420 907
Samuel Galafao Moja | +255 788 719 837
Ahmad Twahibu Mtenje | +255 712 879 078


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