Boat trips at Babati

Kirsten & Klaus write:

Traveling Tanzania we have just come through Babati and we want to place a recommendation:

By accident we  met a very congenial young guy who has initiated his own business offering wonderful boat trips in a traditional dugout canoe on peaceful lake Babati, where you can spot hippos within the water, and watch birds (great groups of pelicans including also many young animals, kingfisher, cormorants and ever so many more) and fisherman.

We paid 25.000TSh per person for approx. 3 h including boat tour and walk and we very much recommend this activity, if you come to visit Babati. It was one of the little unexpected highlights of our tour, not least due to the nice personality of our companion.

The name of the guide is: Erineus (Eric) Songay.
His business is: Babati Guides (T) Ltd.
Phone: +255 688522450

He speaks English very well. His small office is under construction. You can contact him by phone or email, or ask for him, e.g. at the Royal Beach Hotel, which is located directly at the lake (1,5 km off the main road on the left hand side when approaching Babati from the south. Walk from the town center or take a bajaji/taxi) – this is where the boattrip also starts.
Make sure you accept Eric´s offer to walk you back to the road after the boat trip! It is very nice, enlightening and entertaining to talk to him and people alongside the way. You might also be lucky to taste corn beer on your way through the village.


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