Lakeland Africa

Ben writes:

Just came back from a great 10 days safari leaving from Dar es Salaam and going to the Northern circuit through Bagamoyo, Saadani, Pangane and Tanga. The news are on the transport me and other 14 friends used to do it. We rent an overland truck in Dar and camping equipment from a new tanzanian company for Overland truck rental -Lakeland Africa-. We were looking for self driven cars but finally we found out the possibility of travelling all together. We saved money and really enjoyed the experience. The truck was comfortable and the crew -driver, chef and guide- did a great job. It is really a great experience to come into the national parks on board an open truck. For game drive is perfect and is allowed in all NP except in Ngorongoro crater. We paid about 600 USD per day including camping equipment -40USD per person for transport and camping.


One thought on “Lakeland Africa

  1. Akbarali Nagji. ( From Mtwara Region ) says:

    I agree with you 100% as I passed my youth in Tanzania. It is the most beautiful & very natural country in the sense of its wildlife, vegetation and even climate. Secondly, if you convert your foreign exchange then it is not expensive too. Would recommend anyone to make at least one trip in a lifetime to see this beautiful country.

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