Beach resorts near Dar es Salaam

There was just one resort that wasn’t as good as it was described in the book. This weekend me and 3 friends wanted to stay in Sunrise Beach Resort, south of Dar es Salaam.
At the resort one of our phone got stolen out of the Banda. We locked it but the thief came trough the window and just grapped it. Just like the key of the second banda we had. Second we had a reservation which they lost. And we found out other constumers had the same problem.
Then there was the breakfast where the bread contained fungus. And when we wanted our money back from one of the bandas which we didn’t use because we didn’t have the key, they refused at first. In the end we got that money back but there was no other refund.
I hope you can use this information. We  know we won’t come there again, but it would be nice if other constumers are warned too.
We switched to Kipepeo Beach where the service was great. They were very friendly and helpfull and in the end we had an amazing time.

Greetings Willemijn


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