Akaro Tours & Kilimanjaro Crane Hotel, Moshi

My husband and I used your guidebook while in Tanzania and found it very useful.

We took your advice on visiting the Materuni waterfall with Akaro Tours and we were extremely glad we did. It was a very nice walk, especially after 6 days spent in the jeep on safari. Path is not too steep and not completely flat. The waterfall is amazing, people we met were very kind and the food (sugar cane, avocado, passion fruit, coffee …) is delicious – of course, everything is freshly picked. Akaro tours people (especially our guide) were very pleasant and well organized; therefore I would recommend this company for their excursions.

We were staying in Kilimanjaro Crane hotel which was a bit worn but out clean, well located, especially for Mt Kilimanjaro views, and reasonably priced. There were some repair works going on, but it was not disturbing.



2 thoughts on “Akaro Tours & Kilimanjaro Crane Hotel, Moshi

  1. Uli says:

    Kuringe Waterfalls = Mnambe Waterfalls ?

    I would like to report an assumed inaccuracy in the current (sixth) addition of Bradt’s Guide.

    We assume that Akaro Tours is using the name Kuringe to attract business. The Bradt guide says that *only* Akaro Tours can bring you there (which might be possible, but not very likely).

    Those who have been to Kuringe with Akaro Tours, please google Mnambe Waterfalls and compare those pictures with what you saw as Kuringe Waterfalls. Are they different or maybe the same? If it is the same, this should be corrected in the Bradt’s Guide.

    [The strory behind:
    We also wanted to do the tour with Akaro Tours to see the beautiful waterfalls. Unfortunately, Akaro Tours was not available in their office on Sunday and since we wanted to leave for the tour early on Monday, we went with a different operator (forgot the name).
    We took public transport to Materuni and told our guide that we wanted to see the Kuringe waterfalls. Local women who overheard the conservation indicated that there was no such waterfall in the area, but our guide said he new where it was. We took a small path which got narrower and narrower and after 1 hour or so, saw a waterfall that is called Ng’oma and which our guide thought might be Kuringe. As it turned out, he had never heard of Kuringe before and only admitted this now. Ng’oma waterfalls is not worth the effort and the path is not well maintained… We were exhausted and very disappointed.
    Our guide somehow managed to lift our spirit again (probably by the good coffee they prepared for us out of dry coffee beans). He then took us to Mnambe waterfalls, where they usually take the tourists to. This path was much better and the waterfall was as beautiful as described in the Bradt’s Guide.
    We asked several locals about Kuringe waterfalls but no one had ever heard of them.]

  2. Uli says:

    Dear Ana,

    Could you please google Mnambe Waterfalls and look at the pictures? Does this look like Kuringe Waterfalls? We also went to Materuni Village to go to the waterfalls (different operator though) and we strongly assume that Kuringe is the same as Mnambe. (No one there, not even the locals, had ever heard of Kuringe).
    This is not a problem, but we think it then should be corrected in the Bradt’s Guide. In the sixth edition it says that only Akaro Tours can bring you to Kuringe Waterfalls and that would not be true at all if it was the same is Mnambe Waterfalls. To Mnambe, every guide in Moshi can take you… Kindly check the pictures and let us and others know.

    Thank you – best wishes


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