Sisi Kwa Sisi, Mbeya

Sisi Kwa Sisi is a community tourism group based in Mbeya, Southern Tanzania. They provide tours around Mbeya and Southern Tanzanaia, vehicle hire, transport to the Malawi and Zambian borders and help with accommodation in the region. They work with independent travelers and travel companies with clients who are visiting the region. All the guides currently working for Sisi Kwa Sisi speak very good english and are from the Mbeya region. The initiative was started seven years ago by a group of young people who had been given some land to farm about 60 kilometers from Mbeya town. They struggled for two years with no money to invest in fertilisers or pesticides then came up with the idea of a tourism business. Money from Sisi Kwa Sisi is invested back into the farm and for most of the year the guides divide their time between the Sisi Kwa Sisi office in Mbeya and working on the farm. Mbeya region is an interesting destination in its own right, well away from the tourist crowds of the Northern Safari Circuit. It also makes an ideal stopover for people traveling onto Malawi and Zambia. There is a twice weekly overnight train service from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya.

Their website address is:

Their e-mail is:

Just to clarify our position, I met Felix from Sisi Kwa Sisi in 2009 when I spent a few days in Mbeya on the way to Malawi. I have offered to provide some marketing support for Sisi Kwa Sisi including designing and hosting their new website – and anything else I can do along the way to help raise their profile. I will set up a Facebook Fan Page for them when I get a minute (hopefully next week). Anything you can do to help raise awareness of this enterprising and enthusiastic group of young Tanzanians would be much appreciated.

Regards, Mike Mike Farmer Associates Limited Tel: 01457 820910


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