Francesco’s Hostel, Bagamoyo

I’m the manager of Francesco’s, an affordable resort in Bagamoyo since eight months ago and I’d like to share the idea on we have been working: making Tanzania a destination where you can enjoy lodge, meals and safari for no more than 30 $/day. We organize trips to Zanzibar by dhow, snorkeling safaris, boat trips to Sadani National Park, beach fires in Bagamoyo, dance and drums lessons and more and more. I’m from Spain so the food in our place has got some mediterranean taste mix with african style.

Benjamin Ojeda




5 thoughts on “Francesco’s Hostel, Bagamoyo

    • Benjamin Ojeda says:

      For the moment we can only offer you our profile on facebook -Francesco’s Bagamoyo- but soon we will publish our new website. Anyway, if you are interested in our activities, hotel or Bagamoyo, just write me and I’ll be glad to help u or inform u. Thanks in advanced for your interest. Write me to

  1. WC says:

    Hello! What would the price be for 4 Tanzanian residents staying 4 nights in either 2 double rooms or 1 4-person room? Thanks!

  2. Bernd says:


    I am looking for a place to stay close to the saadani Park to stay for 4 days untill we visit a friend of us at Sanzibar.

    Dou you have some more information about your place and what its like? We also arriving in DAR and do not have any car to drive around. So is there also a way to come to your place in puplic transportation?
    Do you have any pictures from your place as well as from the rooms?

    Many thanks in advance and greetings from Europe

  3. philipbriggs says:

    Bernd, this us a guidebook update website, so I suggest you contact Francesco’s directly at the email above
    Might be worth noting that
    a) Bagamoyo is not very close to Saadani by road (what looks like the direct coastal route has been closed for years)
    b) that this and other pearls of wisdom are all included in my Bradt Guide to Tanzania, which can be ordered at

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