New campsite at Lake Chala

I thought you might be interested in the latest development at Lake Chala. All the guide books give a negative picture on both Kenyan and TZ side. However, the Tanzanian side has a new camp site as of this year, and many changes. This is the first part of a three stage plan. So far a good campsite, bar and restaurant are currently available. Work will soon start on a full tented camp which will be built seperately. The ultimate aim is to obtain more land and make it an official conserved area with a luxury lodge, however this is in the future. Website pending but if you go to our facebook page and just browse through the albums of Lake Chala you can see all about it. Plus the rent-a-tent service and general price list.  For other questions your readers can contact the Project Manager, Rob direct at : E-mail. Mobile: +255 – (0)786 – 111177

Many thanks Carolyn Waltenberg


2 thoughts on “New campsite at Lake Chala

  1. lyn lousada says:

    Spent two nights at Chala in November. Were really well looked after. Rented our tents, had very good food. Did some fabulous walking and swam in the lake. Genarally a pretty impressive area and well run camp site.

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