Scandinavia & Dar Express Coaches

We were told that Scandinavian Express no longer operates in Tanzania. We took Dar Express from Arusha to Dar and Kilimanjaro Express for the return trip. Both buses included a complimentary bottle of soda and water. Both stopped for lunch at a place that offers a quick buffet lunch (take away is an option). Kilimanjaro had a much nicer bus (better than any North American buses I’ve been on). The Dar Express bus  was on-par with North American buses. Our Dar Express experience went without a hitch. We booked our Kilimanjaro Express ticket at the DAR airport. There was a bit of confusion when we arrived at the bus terminal as our seats had been given to someone else (various excuses given). For most people, this wouldn’t be an issue but I’m very tall so the front seats are very important for me on a long trip. Our bus also ended up leaving an hour later than scheduled. The Arusha Dar Express office (along with many other companies) was located about 500m East of the bus station (I think on Makao Mapya Rd). Not north as indicated in the guide.

Jesse Lehrman


27 thoughts on “Scandinavia & Dar Express Coaches

  1. Isabel says:

    Thank you very much for the information. I’m going on december Dar es salaam to Moshi and return. could you tell me please Is it necesary to book the tickets or we can buy the same day to take the bus?
    Thank you

  2. chris says:


    I would like also to travel on 19th November from Dar to Nairobi, I have seen that there are many coach services… which one is the top best

  3. Gibons says:

    I would advise to make booking early and have you a ticket 2 days earlier, Dar Express is reliable.. as it is drawing closer to the christmas, the Arusha-Moshi tickets becomes hot cakes, also try Sumry bus they have good speed, with other complementary services are on time. By the way I’m Tanzanian

  4. Isabel says:

    I’ve just come back of Tanzania. I’ve taken Dar express from Dar es Salaam to Moshi for 25000 tzh and I return to Dar es Salaam by Kilimanjaro express for 25000 tzh. Both companies are very similar, the travel it’s about 8 h.
    Here attache the timetable and prices
    1- Dar es salaam to moshi:
    25000 tzh at 6:30, 8:00, 9:00
    28000 tzh at 7:00, 7:30, 9:30

    2- Moshi to Dar es salaam:
    25000 tzh at 7:00, 8:00, 9:30
    28000 tzh at 8:30, 9:00, 10:30

    I’d prefer bus because I can see the country, but of course it’s depend the time do you have.
    Safari Nwema

  5. Maarten de Haas says:


    We’ve planned a holiday in Tanzania this year.

    We arrive in Dar es Salaam on the 9th of September and want to leave for Arusha on the 10th.

    We’d like to reserve tickets in advance, but can’t find a website for Dar or Kilimanjaro express.

    Does someone maybe have contact details?


    • Mislade says:

      Maarten, Dar and kilimanjaro express don’t have website you must buy tickets in their office.
      In my case I ask for the hotel in Dar to buy me the tickects and also in Moshi I ask the favour to the hotel. There isn’t any problem, normally the people is very kind.


      • Maarten de Haas says:

        Thanks for your reply Carolyn. We’ve been to Tanzania last year. Our safari company had a landrover that needed to be transferred to Arusha from Dar es Salaam and we could travel with it. It was very good.

        The hotel we stayed in in Dar was the Winstarr Inn. We stayed there for one night. It was okay.

  6. Christian says:

    Its true the Bus services in Tanzania most of them doesnt have Website to provide easier information to the traveller’s.
    I am in Dar es Salaam if you will be here and need any help i will glad to help.

    • Przemek says:

      Christian, I will come to Dar in September and need some helpfrom You especially in bus communication to Mbeya. Your proposal is still actual?

  7. Maarten de Haas says:

    Hello Christian,

    Thanks for your reply and your kind offer.

    I would have gladly accepted it, but we already arranged something with our traveling agency.


    • Anita aka nancy tz says:

      Hellow this is Anita nancy from TZ,the contanct of the manager is0784276060 and the director is 0784942030.thanks

  8. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for that information I am going in April and have one day in Dar Es Salaam before going to Moshi. I will check out the internet to see there is information on Winstarr Inn

  9. Mislade says:

    I was in Dar es Salam in Econo Logde, they bought for us the bus tickets, so when we arrived we haved it. Very important to know exactly the bus station where you pick up the bus. Here attached a link with information of our travel in tanzania if I can help you in other thing. Don’t hesitate to tell me.

  10. carolina says:

    I arrived the 10 th of August to Dar es saalam airport at 3 am. , is there any bus station from Dar express company close to the airport?, coul we buy this ticket at the airport? Thanks for all your help

    • Carolyn says:

      I bought my ticket at the depot in the main part of Dar Es Saalam, the bus station is in a different area and not near either the airport or the ticket depot. Arriving at 3am I can suggest going to the Transist Motel AIrport only 5 minutes away and quite satisfactory and very reasonable. I don’t think any buses leave before 6 am so you have somewhere to wait. Hope this helps. You can get a bit of an idea of timetable by google search either bus companies

  11. Mariuccia says:

    Dear Friends
    I am fisiting Tanzania this summer and need reach Tanga from Dar el Salam aiport and then from Tanga to Arusha. I would like to have an idea of which bus company is the quicker and safer one and if you could also tell me about timetable a prices it would be great! thank you in advance

  12. Przemek says:

    Hi I am from Poland and in September I will come to Dar es Salam. I need some help with bus ticket organizing and especially with information about bus departures hours to Iringa? are there any buses going later than 6 or 7am?

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