Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project

Kilimanjaro Porters Assistance Project (KPAP) which is dedicated to improving the working conditions of Tanzanian porters by equipping, educating and empowering them is partnering with Rainier Mountaineering Inc. (RMI) in the United States to collect 10,000 pieces of mountain clothing and gear for Kilimanjaro porters. The clothing drive, entitled “10,000 for 2010” is underway through October 1 with donations currently being accepted at RMI’s base camp below Mt. Rainier in Ashford, WA. Items can be dropped off at RMI’s base camp or shipped to:
10,000 for 2010, c/o RMI Expeditions, 30027 SR 706 East, Ashford, WA 98304.
All donations are tax deductible in accordance with KPAP/IMEC 501(c)(3) status. For more information on the drive or to support other KPAP projects please visit:
Julia Gajcak

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