Hotels in Bukoba

On the escarpment:

Walkguard Hotel. Large imposing building with confusion of steps. Twin 45,000 Double 40,000Tsh , single 30,000Tsh. Reasonable food though dining room and bar rather dingy. Terrace pleasant but extraordinary that architect did not make anything of the lovely view. Has swimming pool, free to residents, 3000Tsh for non-residents, sometimes beautifully clean other times not useable. A good place to cool down with curry and beer at lunchtime.

Kolping Hotel Opposite the Walkguard: has clean rooms though some are laid out oddly. Comfortable and clean. Double and twin 50,000Tsh. Single 30,000 Shower on top floor did not have enough pressure. Pleasant dining room and terrace. Good breakfast. I think I prefer it to the Walkguard despite a crucifix in each bedroom!

Balamanga Guest House A more homely alternative with lovely gardens and great views and one can eat at the hotels next door

In town:

The Victorius Perch (sic) next to Walkguard Annex Tel +255282220115, +255756189475 New and bright and breezy. Good food, cold beer and good service. Still an hour’s wait for food. Has 2 internet connections (neither Walkguard nor Kolping had internet café.)

Yasila Top hotel Our favourite. We stayed here many times. A lovely position on the beach. There is a family run atmosphere. Clean simple rooms at 30,000Tsh double and 20,000Tsh, single. Though it has been recently refurbished, and prices may rise. Breakfast is simple. Meals are good with reasonable choice, main dishes about 6000, beers slightly more expensive than other places at 2000 However sometimes waiting time is more than an hour so we took to ordering the meal in the late afternoon for a specific time that evening. A lovely place to eat in the evening hearing the waves breaking on the beach. Great for sunrises for early risers at 7 am or for full moon dinners seeing the moon rise out of the Lake. Check the bill for those eating or drinking on the beach in the dark of the evening. Despite this I would thoroughly recommend it.

Spice Beach Motel Down the beach from Yasila. The rooms are a bit tatty and we were bitten by bed bugs. Meals simple but beer cheaper than Yasila. Situation very beautiful.

Lake Hotel Faded glory. Welcoming staff. Very pleasant place for a cup of coffee in shaded environment

ELCT e, Clean simple rooms of different dimensions rather institutionalised feeling but convenient for early morning flights from the airport. Double $30, single $14-30, reductions for residents

New Upendo Just behind the Victorius Perch, a simple no frills place to stay Smart Hotel Newest addition to Bukoba’s over supplied hotels. Built like an American motel, behind walls, seemed very clean and modern. Is on the other side of the airport where they are building the new terminal. Very inconvenient for town as you have to get a taxi. Is convenient for the future terminal only.

Kiroyera Campsite Lovely situation on beach, traditional huts are basic and comfortable, ablutions are in need of refurbishment. Bar and food are simple but situation wonderful. Prices are exorbitant. $10 per person per night ie 13000Tsh i.e. 26000Tsh double and 4000Tsh each for breakfast makes it more expensive than staying in the Yasila. Not surprisingly it is usually empty.

Rupert Gude


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