Banditry in the Lake Victoria region

There is still occassional banditry on some roads. The forest just north of Biramamulo has some fugitives. In September 2008 they held up a coach and 3 passengers were killed and in October 2009 again a bus was stopped, a policeman, and a guard were killed. However many buses pass through here every day without trouble, usually with a police escort.

Surprisingly for Kagera some bandits held up about 7 cars on the Kamachumu road in Sept 2009 at 7.15 pm and took money and mobile phones. I heard rumours that they tried the same thing in February but the ploice were tipped off and they were shot dead. They were from out side the area.
The same story, dont travel at night!
I think one always has to have an eye in the mirror for cars that are tailing one and not driving with the foot flat down. I then accellerate and see if they keep up, if they do I stop on some pretext to buy tomatoes at the next village.

Rupert Gude


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