Morogoro to Mwanza by road

Morogoro to Singida. Road in good to excellent condition except for 2 stretches of bypass tracks just north of Manyoni. One of about 30 km is only in preparatory stage for building so will probably not be ready till next year. The other a little further north is about 7km long and in appalling condition, not passable by non-4×4. The road next to it should open by end of April 2010. Later there are patches with potholes but generally of limited extent. Note: we found the Traffic Police particularly diligent on this stretch and were stopped several times.

Paladins cave in Dodoma is in a bit of a time warp. Lots of sweets in jars and huge selection of ice cream and toppings at escalating prices. Coffee was black only so had vanilla ice cream to add flavour. The owner could make so much more of the place but I do not think he has the desire.

Stayed at Stanley Motel (18,000Tsh double), rather small rooms but lovely cotton sheets, comfortable beds with nets. Dark restaurant but reasonable food. The bar next door had the loudest bass amplifier in Africa, which could be useful for military ultrasonic warfare: it was Friday Night!

The J 4 Singida Motel is closed for renovation .

They are building a hotel on the western shores of the Lake and another on the road out to Nzega that looks over the Lake.

Road to Mwanza in good / reasonable condition with more potholes and repairs the closer you get to Mwanza.

Stopped at Nzega Hotel for a coffee at about 11 am. Place full of people drinking beer but the staff did oblige us, having sent a runner to the ‘duka’ to get a tin of coffee.

Mwanza. Stayed at Tilapia Hotel. Very well appointed rooms, banda for $90 double, everything worked! Nice to go for a swim and good restaurant. Plenty of customers (Saturday night)

Rupert Gude


One thought on “Morogoro to Mwanza by road

  1. Filbert Rwehumbiza says:

    Mohamed Trans Mwanza are very unreliable! My daughter bought a ticket (three days in advance) to travel to Morogoro on 1st October 2011. When she arrived at the Bus Stand (Nyegezi) two other passengers were already fighting for the seat that was supposed to be hers. When she demanded to be refunded so that she could board another bus of her choice they refused. The excuse was that they had already closed their accounts and thus nothing could be done. She requested the police to assist but this too did not give any results. My daughter is stuck with a now useless ticket ……MOHAMED TRANS is irresponsible.

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