Bagamoyo updates

Travellers Lodge, Bagamoyo (91,000Tsh double for residents) was a lovely place to stay. We had a particularly nice banda in the garden (some are a bit small and shaded) and we liked the atmosphere in the bar and restaurant. Excellent food. It has an amazing collection of palms from Africa and around the world. Lovely to be able to swim in the Indian Ocean but pity about murky colour. We enjoyed walking on the beach, attended excellent music concert at the Arts College and pleased to see they are repairing the old part of town. (There are helpful historical notice boards but we thought the description of the word Boma meaning British Overseas (something) Administration an odd stretch of the imagination since almost everywhere one is referred to the German Boma!)

Palm Tree Village had lovely swimming pool (entirely to ourselves), 5000Tsh per person per day. We were not impressed with the beach, which was between 2 mangrove areas. There did not seem to have anyone staying. Some chalets were being gutted and rebuilt.

Rupert Gude


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