Hotel & restaurant updates

Hi, I’ve loved the Tanzania guide and have found it quite useful.

I’m in Dar for the day and tried to check out a few of the places the guide recommends. Wanted to give you a couple quick updates:

Al Basha has moved from the corner of Morogoro and Indira Ghandi Sts. It’s now in the same building as the Heritage Motel, on what I think is Upanga street. The food is still quite good, though a fair bit pricier than the Tsh 3,000 – 6,000 range the guide indicates. I’d still highly recommend it — it’s one of the better meals I’ve had in Tanzania — but the price ranges is now more Tsh 8,000 – 11,000.

Sno-Cream has moved as well. It’s now on Mwisho street. That was a bit far from its old location for me to walk in the afternoon heat after the big lunch at Al Basha, so I can’t give a review of it. May have to check it out after dinner tonight.

Oh, btw, I’m staying at the New Africa Hotel in Dar. Easily the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in in Tanzania. I love having wireless and I’m excited to try the Thai place on the top floor around sunset.

I’ve also stayed in the Kindoroko Hotel in Moshi (pretty great for the price), the White Sands in Kendwa on Zanzibar (great for the price, perfect location), and the Safari Lodge in Stone Town (good, not great, for the price).

Jason Linder


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