Asilia Camp updates

Serengeti Camps:

Sayari Camp is now permanently at the Mara River- 15 luxury suites (including one very cool honeymoon suite) on wooden platforms, large deck overlooking the Serengeti, bathtub with a view, separate shower and toilet, pool with 360 degree views, 2 restaurant tents- ideally located to watch the famous rover crossings.

Olakira Camp moves between the Ndutu plains to witness the mass wildebeest calvings (December-March) to a crossing site in the Northern Serengeti where the Bolongonja River meets the Mara River (June-November)- so this camp really is as close to the action as possible.

Tarangire Camp:

Oliver’s Camp- will have 9 tents from June onwards with ensuite bathrooms with flush toilets, double basin, proper shower etc.

For further details see

Miriam Bracht (Asilia)


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