Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge and Children’s home, Ngorongoro

Rhotia Valley (http://www.rhotiavalley.com/) is an unique project consisting of a luxury tented lodge, with all the facilities you need, and a Children’s Home, meant for those, who don’t have family to take proper care of them. It´s official opening was in November 2008. By staying at Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge, you directly contribute to the wellbeing of the children of the adjacent Children’s Home. While staying at the lodge, a visit to the children´s home is possible. The lodge consists of 15 en suite, new, highly comfortable tented houses, including 2, 3 or 4 beds, its own veranda and a bathroom with hot and cold running water, shower and flush toilet. Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge is situated halfway the Rift Valley Escarpment and Ngorongoro Crater, three miles off the main road from Arusha to Ngorongoro Crater at 1700 m, causing breathtaking views of the adjacent Ngorongoro Conservation Area forest, nearby villages and the terraced fields of the local farmers, within the background lake Manyara. Because of the height, malaria risk is minimized. The lodge is built in traditional African style. It is in complete harmony with its surroundings. Yet, its spacious set up, personal and friendly service and its finishing touches, such as cosy sofas around the fireplace and warm decorative details, provide a perfectly balanced luxury.

Nicole Versleijen


3 thoughts on “Rhotia Valley Tented Lodge and Children’s home, Ngorongoro

  1. Hilary Atkins says:


    It is wonderful that this lodge supports a children’s home, but not so wonderful to use it as a marketing technique, and even less wonderful to use the children as a tourist attraction. Maybe this doesn’t happen – perhaps it’s just the way the article is written. Children have a right, enshrined in law, to be treated with dignity and respect. In a tourist situation the whole idea of visiting a children’s home has to be handled sensitively for obvious reasons.

  2. Fred Hodgson says:

    I stayed at Rhotia Valley for three nights in January. We, 4 of us, were cordially welcomed by owners.(Twice by the lady of the house who had ‘forgotten’ our earlier arrival.)
    Never once in the stay did we receive any information about the children’s school or receive a request for a ‘contribution’!
    I knew of it as I had followed the development of the project and indeed my driver slept at the school.
    I do not think the place is marketed as a package and if the owners wish to use their income from the Lodge to fund their dream then good luck to them.
    I don’t expect folks to tell me where to distribute my charity and I don’t tell them where they should spend their’s.
    Once I have paid the Lodge account I don’t really care.

  3. philipbriggs says:

    Hi Hilary –

    First, I should clarify that these update websites exist as a forum to publicise info sent to ne by readers and people in the industry between editions. As I state on the home page, I’m not in a position to verify or vet all feedback, and I am happy to post any input so long as it is not abusive or libellous or otherwise iffy. Obviously this is an imperfect policy, but it is the only one I can take if the websites are to exist at all.

    Getting to this specific entry, I take your point, but I don’t read it that way. If the primary aim of a lodge or camp is to fund a children’s home or any other charitable concern, and the children are supported and educated largely or solely by profits from the camp, then it seems more than reasonable to market it that way.

    Both here and on the website, a visit to the children’s home is presented in passing as a possibility, not an integral part of the lodge experiernce, and if that results in additional sponsorship, it seems fair enough to me. It also seems like quite a small camp, so it is not like the children’s life will be dominated by tourist visits.

    Of course it may be you know something about this camp that I don’t, in which case please email me privately and I’ll take it from there, but on the face of things, this feels perfectly legitimate to me…

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