Volunteering in Tanzania

I spent two months in Tanzania last year – Mid July yo Mid Sept – I am Male and 61 years of age and travelled by myself. I was a little daunted when I first arrived but the group at the hostel was very friendly and inspiring. I had arranged my volunteering through foot2afrka and they looked after me very well. Their hostel is now called Hostel Foot Prince and I was very happy there, there are some ensuite rooms, mosquito nets, good breakfasts and an evening meal. There was no charge to volunteer and I was working with a group of abused rural women. My Kili climb and safari were also with this group and I would recommend them – the website is www.foot2afrika.com. Moshi is a market town and I was quite comfortable walking around by myself during the day. There are many volunteers in Moshi from all over the world, there are many orphanages and many womens groups. I also had a week on Zanzibar which was magic. It was a wonderful experience.

Laura Gael


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