Royal Beach Hotel, Babati

I am Meshack, the manager of the new Royal Beach Hotel in Babati.  Our hotel is well situated, near Tarangire national park, 101km from Kondoa, 75km from Mount Hanang (3415m), and close to Mount Kwaraa (2428m). the hotel is about 1.5km from the main road, at the shore of Lake Babati, with its rich birdlife and some hippos. Motor boat or traditional cances for lake trips are available. The room facilities are round, self contained bungalous for 2 persons each, 4 persons bungalous are currently under construction. Trips to national parks can be arranged.  Elephant adventure at Dar es salaam organizes transports to Babati its well, Babati is reachable from Arusha in about 3 hours. For more details contact me at


2 thoughts on “Royal Beach Hotel, Babati

  1. Faruk Kassam says:

    I am panning to visit Babato from Arusha on the 18 of August 2010 and stay there for 1 day (19 of August 2010) and return the next day
    I would like to explore the area. I am particularly interested in bird photography. Can you suggest an appropriate tour and its cost. We are 2 persons.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Faruk Kassam

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